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 You watched Star Wars, and you sided with resistance. 

You watched the Matrix and you understood and you sided with the resistance.  

When it’s fiction you understand and side with the resistance. 

Yet when it’s happening to you in real life, you refuse to see it. 

When it’s the reality that you are living in, you are afraid to resist in real life. 
 Calling on all Rebels #Resist #Freedom

 People are waking up  

Resistance happens ground up.

I started my journey at the farmers market. 

Good food from good people with no taxes. 
 Let's start a list of the many things that we take for granted now, that were once illegal. That is, the things the Resistance criminals fought for on our behalf.  
 Taking a stand requires some level of sacrifice. We'll have to be ready to do so one day or another.

Slow clap … 
 most are too afraid that the "empire strikes back" 
 As long (the majority of) people have to lose they won’t resist. Things needs to get desperate for a mass resistance 
 I don't know what this is in reference to but real life ain't a movie and I don't got powers 😭😭 
 if u look @ smaller time frames(1hr) one can see leveraged longs feeling pain. 
 I guess it must be a concentration thing - the one only requires 100 odd minutes of your time
 I resist HARD.

Other level sh*t and escalating 

 It’s easier to watch a movie and imagine.
Real life. Mortality. 
 Fear stops most from being great. It's God's filter. 
 Simultaneously, I agree, and I have a lot of neighbors who are eye rollingly self righteous about how they're resisting this injustice or that when from my perspective they're just a bunch of jackasses 😁 
 The BOOKS! (DM me to know what I mean, if curious about what books I'm talking about) 
 my family in law are Russian and most of them fully support the invasion of Ukraine.

observing the mental gymnastics has been interesting and quite scary.

they watch the TV and believe what it says. anything that would paint the russian army in a bad light is washed away as 'fake news'. any attempt at sharing alternative information is immediately dismissed as a western psyop.

in your analogy, they believe, the russian agressors, that they are the resistance, standing up against the west and the nazi regime in kiev that is being paid by America.

it's all total nonsense of course , it was just Putin trying to do a Crimea 2 and put his mate yanukovich back in power, the rest is just a fabrication to justify it.

Russia were also the ones funding and supporting the proxy war in Donbass.

but back to the analogy, I now believe the reason star wars was so popular, is because everyone sees themselves as the just and noble in their own narrative of the world. 

we all think we're the rebels , but unlike Russia , the history books will , I believe, show us bitcoiners to be on the right side  
 Comes a time when the blind-man takes your hand, says "Don't you see?
Gotta make it somehow on the dreams you still believe."
Don't give it up, you got an empty cup only love can fill. 
 The problem is that, due to brainwashing by the media, people can no longer recognize who is the aggressor and who is the resistance in a given scenario. 
 being a Bitcoin dev is me resisting 
 To be fair though....