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 Don’t get mad at Biden, these types of actions should be expected and are taken to trigger you. 

Go to church tomorrow and have a blessed day with your family and friends. 

Lead by example. 
 But people won’t get likes and zaps if they don’t bitch about it 
 When they go low, we go high (a dose of their own medicine) 
 Let’s go! 

It is just incredibly disappointing, when the leader of the free world attempts to farm online outrage. 
 What is this even about 
 The Biden administration proclaimed a new Transgender Day of Visibility to be on March 31st, which happens to be Easter this year. 
 What did that senile old creeper do now? 
 People are mad at dementiaman again? How did the party betray us this time? 
 > ignore your problems and let the magic man take them away. 

got it 👍 
 Amen pastor bent ! 
 Not mad, just disappointed. 
 Can someone bring me up to speed? I’ll send zaps! 
President Biden signed an executive order that March 31, 2024 be recognized as a “transgender day of visibility.” This is also the same day as Easter, the day Christians commemorate the resurrection of Jesus. Many see this as a way of imposing a secular holy day on the traditional Christian holy day. 

 The laughable thing is that they're making a "day of visibility" for the most obnoxiously visible and audible minority on the planet. 
 I love these vibes on nostr! 
 I just laughed. Clearly a psyop to stir divide. 
 Iow, what we call a provocation. 
 Sad state of affairs. 
 Happy Easter brother 
 Biden’s not making these decisions. He doesn’t even know who dressed him this morning.

“Let’s celebrate a religious holiday but ban any religious symbols at the celebration” is new think beyond his skill set. 
 Amen brotha. Have a happy Easter with the fam. 
 Excellent advice. It's also not bad when the forces of evil show their hand and make the battle lines crystal clear. More Christians are deceived with false acceptance than are deterred by open animosity. Bring it, Satanic buffoons. Christ is King 👑 
 This is their way to further divide us. Keep your faith. Ignore the noise. 
 easter isnt on 3/31 every year. i do not understand the outrage 
 Christ is King. Love your enemies like he did. 
 Thank you for the reminder to stay grounded and lead by example. It's important to approach challenges with grace and understanding. Have a blessed day with your loved ones as well! 🙏 #positivity #leadership 
 Yes, ignore the drama and focus on what matters 💯🔥👊
 It's more about the absurdity that they need more visibility than they already have, which is basically full saturation at this point. 
 In 10 years will this matter? 
 Instead of getting mad at biden, pray for biden.  Demons are clearly controlling him
 Ignore and therefore undermine them. Go to church with your family and work towards strengthening your community. 
 We get to choose how we react, don't let them win. 
 Happy Easter Marty✝️🤝 
 He is risen!