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 Final #COLDCARD Q tease before shipping.

None of the clients could take the 120mb vid upload 😅

Bird https://x.com/coldcardwallet/status/1755639690357510485 

Make sure to have Samantha, Tom and Alex voices installed on your phone for enhanced experience.
#mainvolume #system 

Flight to Tokio boarding now

 looks neat! 
 While we’re on the subject, is this the only workaround for larger mb uploads to #Nostr 

Trying to get a video on here. And I don’t use other Social Media anymore 🥺 
 You literally have your own web servers. Why do you need to upload your video to a client??? 🙄 
 https://satellite.earth/cdn would have taken it. 
 Saved for next time 
 Here you go bro I got it for you. https://video.nostr.build/6f8a523c654642f374f0d536f216c4d9ff1fce7eb6d224cbe8913bf75f0895ad.mp4  
 How did you do it?

Did you compress the file, or find another way to work around the file size cap? 
 Probably better encoding. Can’t check what both versions are using but there are a ton of techniques you can use to reduce the file size using something like ffmpeg. 
 Most content on the web is absurdly high quality in my opinion. And most people aren’t consuming it from a 40 inch screen where they can notice. Now what I did was a pretty silly hack job to just cut it down significantly. I dropped 2 or 3 frames per second cut the width and height in pixels down  significantly and then used whatever compression my video compression app uses. So I can see the reduction in quality a bit on my phone. But as most of us are using 5 inch or less screens to do most of our scrolling it’s a fine trade off in my opinion. 

Think about the infrastructure here. It hurts my heart a little to know that the default resolution and quality settings being sent to image and video hosting sites, and the data consumption up and down every time someone reads a image or watches a video is sufficient for an 4K 60 inch screen. Or the publishing quality 30 inch photo graph. 

Could be nice if the clients could hook in a compression library with some sane defaults for mobile viewing. It could decrease the data requirements for everyone and improve user experience by being a lighter lift for any client trying to download and play content.  
 That’s probably because 60fps videos are smooth. 

I think AV1 will make things better in that regard. AV1 encodes videos are ~30% smaller in size than HEVC and royalty free. Just like HEVC is taxing on the CPU but it should become standard as every device gets specialized extensions to decode it just as it was with HEVC. 
 Just upload to a nostr.build account. Easy peasy. 
 Surprised NVK missed this. 😂 
 Wild af most users still don’t know 
 Yeah I just scaled the image to require less pixels and compressed it. 3mb 
 How do y'all rationalize the closed source secure elements vulnerability. Because I would like one..😐 
 That’s very easy. 

Step 1) suppose the secure element is backdoored

Step 2) stay air gapped forever 

Step 3) input your own entropy from dice rolls 

Step 4) after signing a transaction, verify the transaction signature on your own node before broadcasting (which I believe but am not certain is done anyway)…just in case the signature is invalid and merely an attempt to disclose private key or seed or something else nefarious. 

Step 5) recognize that after the above, a back doored chip can do nothing nefarious other than sign incorrectly, in which case you need a new signing device/hardware wallet. 
 Step 1: Don't rely on a secure element in the first place as most use cases are fine with a stateless device.

Step 2: Save a truck load of money. The end. 
 If you think any coldcard device is a truckload of money, you need to work harder and stack longer. Then there will come a time when such things are cheap. 

But you’re right, stateless is often good enough. I treat my coldcard as stateless 
 Okay Mr Money Pants. I can't wait to get as rich as you so I can just burn sats just because. :) 
 The funny thing is, all ya gotta do is buy bitcoin and wait. The more you buy and the sooner you start waiting the better. 

But you’ll likely never be as rich as me. I played the fiat harvesting game well and got blessed by bitcoin long ago. 
 Tell me more... 
 You do highlight my point thou. For the majority of plebs, hardware wallets like this, arent really needed. Even for you it's likely still a waste of sats, you're better off with something else, unless you're making regular large transactions. 
 How do you create a key without a proper HWW? 
 It’s a convenience item. I use it in paranoid mode. But I don’t have to. 

You can calculate your own private keys by hand from dice rolls, but I choose not to. 

But nobody would ever disagree that minimizing trust is always safe, presuming you don’t outsmart yourself. 
 Our design takes that into consideration and simply do not trust any single chip alone. You could say the same about all chips in all devices. 
 Looks like a TI-100 
 Do they come in aluminum? :) 
 Once Star Trek transparent aluminum comes out 
 Sexy. I wonder if near field will work with iPhone on this model. MK4 doesn’t seem to. 
 This looks awesome, is there an explainer for why I'd want all these features? 
 Just go with your gut and get it. Don't think too much about why you need all these cool features. 
 This is a fair take, but how often am I going to actually use my hardware wallet ? 
 So sexy. 
 Looks good. It might be worth it to get rid of vault warden. 
 Bravo @Coinkite. This looks awesome 🔥 
 the music is epic as well as the hw, onward 
 When ship? 

Where do I insert the SIM card? 
 Will check it out in Atlantis 😜 
 Looks great! Can't wait too play  
 Thats dope. 
 This is incredibly exciting! Cheers to the team here on the next generation 🤙 🤙 🤙  
 Roll on pay day, can’t wait to grab one & clone it with the Mk 4 👀 
 looks 🔥 
 Is Sendina still work on Coinkite and shipping 1 CAD “””calculators””” and “””metal plate for writing”””? 
 looking forward to it 🤙🏼 
 Fucking awesome! 
 is there a dvorak option? 
 does it have vi bindings? 
 yes. turn on your notifications. 
 QWERTY maxi 
 Muscle memory should have you back in no time like the ole Blackberry 8900 days. 
 my man 
 Can't wait...pre-ordered as soon as I saw the announcement.   
 The sexiest TI83 I've ever seen. Thank you. Going to do so much math on this!  
 can't wait, and the satslink!! 🤤 👍 
 ugly looks like the blackberry from 20 years ago
which went bankrupt when the spiphone was released