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 Good morning nostr, overslept a bit, but its time to get going now.  I stepped outside and caught the sun coming up over the trees.  Yall have a great day nostr friends, and remember that today is a gift. #coffeechain #grownostr #nature https://i.nostr.build/J6RWq.jpg 
 Goodmorning ☕🫡 
 Good morning ✌️🧡 
 Gm Maria 
 Good morning Maria!
 Good morning!  
 Good Morning Maria
Have a great saturday 
 Buen día María ☕🫂 
 GM ⚡☕🧡 
 Good morning, blessings friend
Pura vida to you and your family
Long live bitcoin
Enjoy your saturday 
 GM! 💜 
 Have a nice day! 🤘 
 Good morning! I was out yesterday when the sun topped the mountain. It is an amazing experience every time! Hope it’s a great weekend for you. 
 Thanks Robin.  Its getting pretty hot and humid here now, so not as pleasant to be outside.  But things still need to be done. 
 I remember living in a trailer park in Copperas Cove and laying out in March. That was in the “skin cancer who cares” days of my youth. Sometimes I miss that heat. But, well, asthma. 🙁 
 GM PV @Maria2000
Great photo.
Enjoy your day 
 GM! ☕☕☕ 
 Beautiful 🌞