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 One of my takeaways from #OFF was one of the incredible powers Twitter has at directing the state of the world.

Protests don’t work because, for some reason, tyrants don’t like being criticized. When they do, they work because enough people, probably outside of the regime’s control, care enough to exert pressure on their local governments to, in turn, pressure the regime.

Elon can have the thumb on the scale on what people care about, and equally important, what they don’t.

He can easily manufacture discontent or appease it at a global scale.

Which essentially translates to a single person having control on tumbling, or preserving, regimes throughout the world from the comfort of his couch.

The $44bln he used seems ungodly cheap now; really no human should have this type of power.

Nostr can fix this, but we need to work harder in bringing life/energy here AND away from Twitter. 
 what are the most important but currently underserved initiatives needed to make nostr a success? 
 Mine. Bringing a borderless virtual world in Kenya first. Than beyond. Step by step this man goes forward. Hum hum hum. 
 Elon agrees with @jack so maybe we have hope that he won’t disable Starlink when our internet is disabled or attacked. 🤷🏻 
 Ze Germans? 
 Almost sounding like a communist 
 By that definition, the original decentralized idea of the American Constitutional Republic was communist.
Besides, you almost sound like a fascist. Or at the very least, someone who should read more. 
 Yep. That’s exactly why America is full of trannies today. The constitution fed on itself in the end. It was its own worst enemy. You should read some ZeroHP Lovecraft.

I’ve done enough reading, and likely 100x more than you have on these topics. 
 I’m sorry. All I heard was “ego ego me me me”.  You’ve a difficult reaping in your future without some changes. 
 There’s no reason Twitter can’t run on nostr, it sure would save them a lot of legal bills around the world.

It would occupy the protocol though given the current size disparity.

Elon’s biggest strength is that every world leader wants to be photographed meeting him and if you are censoring people online you aren’t getting that photo, maybe he even meets your opponent? 
 The tweets are from May photos with child from September same year. It’s not that I don’t like him or something but making a hero out of him (or almost anybody) would certainly disappoint you. He do he.

X’s time is up, focus one something different.

It’s like Meta federating with ActivityPub. Shit. 
 don't forget threads, it's a hyper liberal echo chamber but I'm sure people get sick of it every day. Need a place of discussion and not of blind head nodding. It will be done, but not idly. Good luck! 
 In some ways we’re lucky that Elon did such a horrible job taking over Twitter. If he’d been a steadier leader then the protocol alternatives would have stayed very marginal. The wealthy investment bankers and middle eastern funds that backed Elon’s takeover of Twitter wanted the control to shape the public sphere that they couldn’t get under Jack and Parag. 

We’ve got a lot of work in order to make Nostr a sucess.   
 Naive take, jack censored everyone. 
 Meanwhile letting the Ayatollah say w.e he wants.  
 Twitter/x is a bot landmine. It’s awful. Used to be decent conversations happening. 
 Nostr is a thousand times superior to twitter. But I do not complain if Elon uses his toy to hit the world woke leftist establishment, since the sheep will not give away easily from traditional social media. He is playing "the good cop" inside the system. And yes, we should convince more and more people to use only nostr. 
 No one controls anything. 
 I just became your 38th follower. 🔥