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 Being on nostr is great just for the simple fact that you aren’t running up against pentagon level psychological and brainwashing operations from global corporations and nation states. 

It’s very calm and quiet. 

I expect one day that will change, but for now it’s blissful. 
 PV 🤙 touch grass today. I plan on getting a workout in today and running a few miles 
 You know.  Trying to live like a normal human, while in a slave state rocketing through space. 
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 Nostr is where psyops go to die! We are the rock upon which all the bullshit breaks 🌊🪨 
 So true. And I only follow a handful of people so my feed takes about 5 min to go through. Pretty cool following all your close bros like @preston and @HODL and the homie @Jeff Booth 
 Yep. Security by obscurity 
 The fucked up part is, every now and then I find myself going back to the swamp to check on the current brainwashing as if the pure signal is boring 🤣. 
 Makes sense though. You have to know what the people around you believe in order to protect yourself. 
 And there are quite a few people trying as hard as they can to implement that crap in Nostr. The need to be fed is real. 
 end user algorithm choice will lead to very different results. we’ve never seen it. 
 I swallowed the black pill on algorithmic social media, so doomer warning is in effect. Proceed at your own risk.

In my mind, everyone is an alcoholic, drunk, at the bar, and a bunch of these drunks are saying things would be better if we brewed our own beer. 

Most people will use the algorithms to see what they want to see. Dopamine will flow. Social bubbles will form. They won't be challenged. We'll see distributed npub block lists. More people will be phone zombies. Fedi showed us this will happen.

I think chronological feeds are a solution, along with great search functionality. It's not bad to have to put in work to find content. 

But that's just my opinion. At the end of the day, it's really cool that people get to do it however they want. Even if my doomsday scenario happens, at least there's the option of just turning it off. Can't do that anywhere else. 
 I’ll start by saying “thank you” to you because without nostr we wouldn’t have the freedom/ability to run such experiments.

I agree that a bunch of people will revert to dopamine, social bubbles, and phone-zombie behavior like you suggest if given an easy glide path. But I wonder, who will build/optimize those algorithms? If developers are not incentivized by being coupled to an ad serving platform maybe we’ll see different results — maybe we’ll get some of the same, but we could also get a lot of wild experimentation that turns out to discover other things people want.

I suspect we could see different algorithms at different points in a user lifecycle/journey. One algo to onboard new users to their first few follows/connections. Maybe a new interface that lets people preview content before selecting who to follow. Maybe there should be a lot more “for you” content driven by notes and following suggestions should be a side-effect of which notes you react/zap from people you aren’t yet following. There’s just so much greenfield to explore and nostr makes this possible. Corporate controlled algos will all trend toward serving the corporation’s goals, but open/transparent/switchable/pluggable algorithms can be built to serve end-user goals which will almost certainly be different since no one’s primary goal in life is to view an ad.

I think “proof of work” on finding the good people/content is fine for now — slightly annoying, but not devastating. We put in the effort. Though we miss so many valuable ideas/connections this way.

But I believe nostr has the right architecture to serve most publishing needs on the Internet and create a whole new layer of what is “the web”. I would estimate there are at least 1B+ public messages shared on the Internet each day. There’s not enough time in my day (no matter how committed I am to “doing the work”) to filter them all for the stuff I care about or might like to see. I need computational help (i.e. an algorithm) to do this properly. What great people/ideas/relationships could come into my life if only there were a way to match us with the right context?

Open protocols rule. Thanks for making nostr, man! 
 damn, just realizing I got punk’d. But I stand by it! 🫡 
 Man, this is amazing 😂. I'm sorry, we are all @0xtr today. But you make some excellent points. I hope we can get something healthy in place. Take the high road, so to speak. 
 Ha... you got me. But happy to discuss it, nevertheless.

 User algo and client choice should prevent it from happening 
 This guy clearly isn't following me then 😌 
 it won't change HODL. You'll always be able to control the algo. 

No MKUltra here, unless you want it.  
 technically you can always nostr to yourself on your own relay 
 This is why Nostr wins! well said! 
 Just the institutional level autists here now 

No algorithm + no engagement farming makes nostr shine atm 
 I see a healthy influx of people who are genuinely interested in migrating to a decentralized community. There is currently a lack of methods to monetize this specific set of people on this protocol. 
 Stay humble and stack zaps 
 1,600 active users per day is a good beginning.  LFG! 
 Of course I missed a zero.
16,000 active daily users!!! 
 Shiiiiit man you know this means you’re the Fed right? 😞 
 I assume that in time many  nostr clients will go the way of most supermarkets or restaurants, offering and serving shit to those who will happily gobble it up, but I also assume that there'll always be some that, again like some restaurants and supermarkets, will take pride in offering something of quality. 
 Except we each control our own feed.  Your app starts feeding you garbage?  Switch apps. 
 This. This is why I did not create a new twitter after being banned. 

The psychological manipulations is crazy over there. It's a relief not to be captured anymore. 

If primal gets hijacked I'll get a new client