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 Doxxing an anonymous developer is a disgraceful act and has no place in investigative journalism. It's simply wrong, especially when the intent is to undermine an open protocol that champions free speech and its supporters.

This is an attack on the freedom of speech and the right to privacy. Everyone involved in this article should be ashamed of themselves. nostr:note1rny78ayklk7dgtxac9qaed5p8a7l94utruk456pyyqjgrx2hmr8snva58f 
 They could've been content just writing the article, but they just had to include name, location, personal details.

It's so transparent what the true purpose was. Hint: it wasn't news, and it wasn't to inform in any way.  
 Pure scum behavior. 
 You're goddamn right!  
 It's wrong
It's disgraceful
It's evil

But does it really surprise anyone? 
 story writer has an agenda 
 Looking forward to a society where noone accepts such behavior.
Where doxxing people get in real trouble not the doxxed one. 
 He can't be that anonymous if he got doxxed 😂 
 Given all the things worthy of investing and reporting on, to think that this is towards the top of the list... 
 The only time Americans have an expectation of privacy is after they take back their police powers.  Until then, everything is open to NSA’s all seeing eye. 
 I agreed with you up to the point of “this is an attack on the freedom of speech and the right to privacy.” 

Can you explain how the doxxing of an anonymous individual is an “attack on the freedom of speech and the right to privacy.” ? 
 I think it’s pretty obvious why it’s an attack on the right to privacy, no? 

And it is an attack on the freedom of speech, because they don’t have any other agenda but to put a bad light on his work and nostr. 
 I agree with you when you say that the author wants to put a bad light on his work.  The author is ignorant. They’re only trying to sensationalize some twisted political ideology. However it’s not an “attack on free speech” my brother. 

My work speaks for itself. And so does this developer that has been doxxed. Nothing can diminish the value and impact of good work! The work cannot be stopped unless the one doing the work stops. 

As far as an “attack on a right to privacy” is concerned, I’m not an attorney…but I’m going to guess that if nothing adverse or harm comes to the doxxed individual no crime or “attack” has occurred. Now If the doxxed individual suffers harm, I’d say the doxxed individual would have a substantiated claim…again I’m not an attorney, just going on laymen’s interpretation of US constitutional rights. 
 The article is clearly meant to frame nostr and its developers as something bad. It’s an attack on nostr. Nostr is free speech.

That’s my reasoning 
 Before going balls out on people causing temporal damage, #nostr serves an protocol for causal and thus temporal factors of intelligence, cyber and temporal safety and security, with a wide range of webs which has proven to be useful, stable, safe and reliable.


maybe a completing tool, rather than fool to license for operation purposes.

🎚️ https://image.nostr.build/c9f97b4d451bc2f0aea67bb7a5ceaa9bbfa58a3733c1be4b4bafad15ecf58ac1.jpg  
 Organic over binary as a design and operations requirement to uphold apex by design operations when operating a temporal aware environment binary and organic, #mainvolume has spent plenty of time on developing these protocols to as well as how #nostr has developed its protocols to fit into the ecosystem of nightmares
 wouldnt hold my breath... there is no more shame in the west.

not even when seeing the the horrors going to unfold on the grandchildren do the people blush...

you aint seen nothin yet. buckle up. or just get out and let them eat eachother... 
 I guess you’re not Pro free speech as you thought sometimes there should be limits 
 I do believe in freedom of speech. Freedom of speech and freedom in general. However I believe your freedom ends where my face begins. 
 no one that I've seen is questioning her rights in criticizing the ideas of fiatjaf (loosely attributed IMO). 

That's not what she did though. The point of the article was first and foremost to dox him and the secondary piece was to use the information she found to discredit nostr/nostr community. The icing was using jack's name to drive the views. 

freedom of speech isn't potentially putting someone in harm's way. 
 They don't have the self awareness necessary to be ashamed.